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50 Things To Do Before I’m 50

I’ve always been a list maker.  When my childhood best friend & I were much younger, we would sit around the table in her family room and fill notebooks with lists.  Make-up we wanted, clothes we wanted, places we wanted to go & I distinctly remember us planning a camping trip that we never went on.  I also remember her wanting “Seven pair of jeans I REALLY like.”  What can I say?  We were under the spell of Seventeen & ‘Teen magazines and there was a lot of Hang Ten brand clothing on those lists!  I still love a good list & in December of this year, I will hit the big 5-0, which honestly doesn’t even seem possible to me.  I thought I would have a more productive year if I had some goals so I sat down one day & made this list, knowing I likely would not accomplish it all. I have kept the printed list in a folder and it’s been so rewarding to check some of them off & keep lists of others (like “read 25 books”). Strikethroughs have been accomplished!

1. Enjoy a beach vacation with my dad. (This one is about to happen.) 

2. Finally get the b & w fine art portrait of my kids that has been so hard to get.

3. Buy a fire pit.

4. Quit refined sugar.

5. Launch my fine art photography business on Etsy.

6. Actually begin my memoir.

7. Paint a large canvas. (I was an art major for awhile in college.  Get back to that.)

8. Read 25 books. (8 down!)

9. Climb Pinnacle Mountain.

10. Visit Albert Pike Recreation Area.

11. Visit Alley Spring & Jacks Fork River with Dad.

12. Visit Nashville & Franklin, TN with Dad.

13. Take a trip with mom to Natchez, MS.

14. Start immigrant/minority photography project.

15. Design a cross-stitch stocking.

16. Try 24 new recipes. (7 down!)

17. Watch all of Better Call Saul.

18. Finish the Jackson’s house portrait.

19. Buy 3 Radko ornaments from Ebay.

20. Buy 5 Old World Christmas ornaments from Ebay.

21. Lose 40 pounds.

22. Declutter the house, room by room.

23. Empty my work storage unit. (I have begun.)

24. Set up my office in the den area.

25. New deck on side of house and in rear. (Probably won’t happen until a few months after.)

26. Buy a new grill.

27. Hang outdoor globe lights in front of house.

28. Buy curtains for the living room.

29. Visit New Orleans again.

30. Design & make a necklace.

31. Paint a piece of pottery at Painted Pig.

32. Get a 3-wheel bicycle (trike?) like my Granny had.

33. Attend yoga regularly.

34. Make glitter letters for Christmas tree.

35. *Keeping this one to myself*

36. *Keeping this one to myself also*

37. Finish Mom’s Christmas wreath I started two years ago.

38. Collect all of the Nancy Drew books I don’t have.

39. Commission a Mike Savage painting.

40. Commission a 3rd small Joel Goldsby painting so I have a trio.

41. Put up my wallpaper.

42. Paint some maps.

43. Take a good portrait of Apollo.

44. Start a book club.

45. Take 100 photos that I can sell on my Etsy site. (22 down!)

46. Do 4 cross-stitch or needlepoint stockings. (One down.)

47. *Keeping this one to myself*

48. *Keeping this one to myself too*

49. Take a trip with Chuck for my 50th.

50. Spend another weekend at the Fredonia Hotel.

I also have a list of 101 Things to Accomplish in 1001 Days, inspired by Mackenzie Horan at Design Darling. Some of them overlap but I’ll try to share it soon. I truly believe in the “write it down, make it happen” approach to goals. I’m not feeling 100% today so I’m going to get off of here & try to check another book off the list.