44 in my 44th Year…

I have so many things I want to do in life.  So many.  I have a HUGE bucket list.  I may start sharing some of it on my blog but this year I wanted to have a plan for accomplishing some minor goals in my life.  You know….. those little projects you *say* you’re going to do but probably won’t get around to doing unless you write them down and approach the act of accomplishing them with some sense of purpose and sincere intent.  The following list was born from my desire to have a plan & I chose my 44th birthday as my target date to complete it!  photo-1

1. Try 10 new recipes.

2. Complete 6 needlework projects.  (Finished one today!)

3. Be a more engaged parent.  Sometimes I feel like I’m in the room but not tuned in.  I need to improve this.

4. Have a professional massage.  Or 2!

5. Volunteer at least 60 hours.

6. Paint 2 things at the Painted Pig.

7. Buy a pair of cowboy boots.

8. Visit my daughter at college!

9. YOLO board in Watercolor, FL on Hwy. 30-A.

10. Learn to make a great chocolate cake.

11. Successfully make “Cupcake Cafe” buttercream.

12. Design a crewel stocking pattern.

13. Save $1000 using coupons and rebates.

14. Blog photo tips on a regular basis.

15. Paint entire kitchen white and then go from there with kitchen decor….

16. Buy rainchains for the corners of our house.

17. Re-do/paint our front porch.

18. Make peace, or attempt to, with someone I don’t get along with.  (I did this.  It’s overrated.)  – CHECK

19. Learn to use Netflix via the PS3 without the assistance of someone 13 or under.  Or Chuck.

20. Climb Pinnacle Mountain again.  The hard side.

21. Take a vacation with just Chuck.

22. Visit Eric & Stephanie in St. Louis!

23. Weigh 135.

24. Rewatch all Seinfeld episodes.

25. Read 10 books.

26. Paint the living room.

27. Buy a desk for myself. – CHECK

28. Compile dad’s Vietnam pictures into a book for him.  (I guess after posting this it won’t be a surprise.)

29. Open an ETSY shop.

30. Camp with Tcheanina and all our boys.

31. Start my “other” blog.

32. Photograph 10 dogs.

33. Draw & paint for fun.  On a regular basis.

34. Launch a black & white division of Buttry Photography.

35. Organize my home completely.  Room by room. Closet by closet.

36. Keep a “good things” jar. – CHECK, or in progress, anyway!

37. Visit Albert Pike Recreation Area for the first time since the flood.

38. Frame my needlework projects.

39. Walk the dog more.

40. Have another trip with just my mom.

41. See 5 movies at the theater with Chuck.

42. Learn to make really good & pretty sugar cookies.

43. Keep an art journal. – CHECK, in progress

44. Practice random acts of kindness.  26 at least.  For Newtown, CT.

Think I can do it?  To help me stay organized & motivated, I devised a checklist of sorts for this adventure. It’s mainly to help me keep track of the ones that have multiple items, like “10 books”, “5 theater movies”, etc.photo-2

I plan to keep myself accountable on my blog too & on or near my 44th birthday (December 14), I’ll let you know how I did!

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4 thoughts on “44 in my 44th Year…

  1. I wish I was organized and motivated enough to have a list!
    You should check out Corral and Lucchese (#7). A little pricey, but ADORABLE boots!
    I am really looking forward to #14! And if you ever want to visit Bloomfield, I could probably persuade Kory to help you out with the sugar cookies and you can photograph Ellee while you’re here 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    You are on with the YOLO. We can do that this summer.

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