“We’re goin’ to Jackson…..ain’t never comin’ back…”

Ok, we came back.  But who can resist a good June and Johnny reference when talking about Jackson, MS?  Before I tell you this story & before you ask, “Why Jackson?”, I should probably tell you something about myself.  I believe there are few, if any, cities, that don’t have something of interest to offer the traveler who passes through.  Some treasure to find.  History to seek.  Art & architecture.  People & food.  And often, yes, shopping.  We travel through Jackson every year on our way to the gulf coast of Florida.  We have eaten at Cracker Barrel, O’Charley’s, and Ruby Tuesday.  We have crashed at a Hampton Inn.  We have never taken the time to explore this southern city, the capital city of Mississippi.  And I knew in my heart there had to be more.

Soooo…..earlier this fall, I decided that a mother/daughter weekend was in order & my mom and I set out early one Saturday morning for Jackson.  Our first stop (after the donut shop) was Lake Village, AR.  I had never been to Paul Michael Co., a giant warehouse of decor and furniture that is based there,  so I wanted to stop there on the way.  I would be less than honest if I didn’t tell you I was underwhelmed.  Maybe the stuff just isn’t my style & it was somewhat picked over since it was near Christmas, but I think I escaped with a total expense of around $25.00, unheard of in these parts.  Another motive for choosing Jackson was knowing that the catalog At West End (AWE) is based there.  I wanted so much from their catalog this fall and I assumed they had a storefront too.  I was slightly wrong.  They have an outlet, very similar to Paul Michael, but with cooler, more “quirky” stuff.  I got out of there for less than $20.00 though!  Unfortunately for Chuck, I found many more places to swipe my debit card so he didn’t get off for less than $100.  But the important part is we had a GREAT time.  Let me take you on a little photo tour of our journey….

We started our day in Fondren, a historic neighborhood in Jackson with cute galleries, independent restaurants, antique & thrift shops & many cool, vintage signs…..We tried to eat at Walker’s but they were only open for dinner 😦

IMG_9845IMG_9849Is this storefront graphic not the cutest?
IMG_9862Along with some vintage Christmas ornaments, I snagged this vintage crewel embroidery piece in a thrift shop….

IMG_9897We stayed at the historic King Edward Hotel, downtown.  It is now a Hilton Garden Inn but they have done an excellent job of restoring it to it’s former glory, even going to the extent of keeping the King Edward rooftop sign.
The lobby was stunning….IMG_9901Me with my mom.  Thanks to the teenager in the lobby for snapping this…
IMG_9998We wanted to eat at the Mayflower Cafe, but the wait was too long.

IMG_9903So we ate here instead.  It was like stepping back in time.  A good meal.
When we got back to our room after dinner….I had a craft for us to do.  I know, right?  They turned out so cute.  I wish my picture was better.IMG_9917 The next morning, at our hotel, we ate these.

IMG_9926And this too. I’m telling you this breakfast was GOOD.  And there was so much more available than this.  I love the hotel life!IMG_9925The next day we drove around waiting for stuff to open.  I found a cathedral, because I most always find a cathedral.
IMG_9996We found more cool signs.  I’m not sure what part of Jackson has EVER had sand, but at one time this hotel was ultra-cool.  I’d love to have the money to restore it to “ultra-cool” again.
IMG_9938We saw the Governor’s Mansion.  Southern elegance at it’s finest.
IMG_9997 We shopped.  We found more cute boutiques.  We LOVED  Turkoyz in Highland Village.IMG_9974 IMG_9977After an Italian lunch in Ridgeland, MS, we headed for Oxford.  The town was shut down since school was out for break.  However, Square Books was open and I happened upon an autographed copy of Tony LaRussa’s book for Chuck’s Christmas present.  And my favorite restaurant in Oxford, Old Venice Pizza Co.  just happened to be open for dinner.  Who says you can’t have Italian twice in one day?  The square was lit beautifully.  It was worth the detour.
IMG_0011We did other stuff too.  We got lost looking for a flea market and ended up in the worst part of town. But hey, there were MORE cool, vintage signs to photograph!  We killed time in a Books-A-Million, we fed a homeless man our fruit, we drove around the Capitol building, we laughed, we got lost again in Oxford.  We had fun.  And we can’t wait to do it again.

2 thoughts on ““We’re goin’ to Jackson…..ain’t never comin’ back…”

  1. Oooh you found some neat stuff in Jackson that we missed on our all too short visit there. I’ll have to look up the Elite restaurant if we happen through there again. And isn’t the hotel just fabulous? And so convenient to the train station – I’d love to train it around the US if I knew that there were nice places like that just steps away from my debarking point. Have fun and safe travels!

  2. I can’t wait to go back. The Fondren area really seems to be growing with quirky little shops and restaurants. I would love a train trip also!

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