Travelin’ Man

(This post was actually written a week ago.  What can I say?  I’m slow to hit the “post” button!)

I have no right to complain.  Really, I know.  In the grand scheme of things, Chuck doesn’t travel too much.  In the fall, it seems like he’s gone for nights on end & of course, that’s a busy time for me with work, a busy time for the kids to bring home viruses, bacteria & blood-borne pathogens & it happens to be one of my LEAST favorite times of the year.  Sometimes in the fall,  I complain A LOT.  But in the spring, it’s like travel is almost welcome.  It’s a chance for Chuck to get away from the office environment & the chaos of home, even if he IS technically still at work.  It’s nice outside. Sometimes he goes to really cool places.  I get a break too, from little things like his snorting, hacking and incessant refusal to let me watch quality tv programming like “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” or “Ice & Coco” or “Flavor of Love”.  (He acts all intellectual, like those are MINDLESS!)  So….going it alone is kinda fun.  Until day 3.  One thing I know for sure is that whoever came up with the idea for Prohibition did not have a spouse who was gone more than 2 days.   On day 3 everything changes, as it did today.  Right.On.Cue.

I stayed up until 2:00 a.m.  (I know.  I’ll own this.  But it was so QUIET. And my book is good.)

I had unsettling dreams about unsettling people that I can’t stand.  (Sorry, God.  I’m working on it.  In my spare time.  QUIT LETTING THEM HAUNT ME.)

The kids wouldn’t get up.

They were cranky.

The dog wouldn’t come in.

He was cranky.

The hamster died before Chuck even LANDED in Chicago on Monday, so animals weren’t faring very well at 6704.

The damn dishwasher broke, which I finally accepted after attempting to wash the dishes in it SIX times in 2 days to no avail.

Ryder was parked behind me & we were already running a tad late.  She was not up.  Her keys were underneath her.

I had shitty “Words With Friends” letters.  (I know. That could be why we were late, but I can’t do EVERYTHING for them, people. I, too, have priorities.)

Brooks had given me a list of things he needed for a project due Friday & this was the first I was hearing about it.

Brooks wants to PAINT glass marbles for this project, which he bet me $100 he could do.  And he will win.  The little $%!# always wins!

So, you get the point.  I had planned to stay home all day and clean the kitchen & clear some excess crap out for Goodwill but now I have to drive carpool, come home to shower & then I have errands to run.  At least the house will be calmer, right?  Perhaps briefly.  Honestly, it seems like I get out of the shower, put in a load of laundry, edit a few photos and the back door opens at 2:45 & in walks Brooks.  I’m not there to witness his arrival, though, because I have to leave a few minutes before he gets here to head out to Wyatt’s school and be in the first round of cars in the carpool line.  We drop off our carpool charges, come home, grab something fast to eat and head for the ballpark where Brooks has a 7:30 game.  Thankfully, a few innings into the game, Chuck’s plane lands & he makes a beeline for the ballpark.  I hope it’s because he missed me & is dying to help out.  I know, however,  it’s because Brooks is pitching and he wants to try to see some of that before he is taken out.  Either way, he is here & I feel like I can go on.  Or at least hang on until May 11th when I hop in the car, head for Dallas and do the same thing to him.  Lucky for him, I’ll be home on Day 3!

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