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Looking Back…

I’m still slowly going through some of the boxes from my grandma Dorothy’s house & I love to find these scrapbooks that offer glimpses into the person I was at other stages in my life.  This little record of me was from 6th grade, which I found even more interesting since I have a son at that age (Wyatt) right now.  As usual, I’m shocked at some of the things I wrote in this book, not because there is anything scandalous or odd (ok, I was a little odd),  but because I’m floored that some of the things that I enjoy right now or that bug me right now were present from a young age.  I guess that’s to be expected but many of those things have stayed with me at 42.

Information About Me (1981-1982) 

FULL NAME:  Noelle Dawn Swafford

AGE: 12         GRADE:  6        TEACHER: Juanita Thurston (who I ran into last year & had a great visit with!)

BEST FRIEND:  Melanie Robertson

OTHERS (sorry guys, if, in any event, Melanie hadn’t fulfilled her duties as “best”, you were right there):

Lana Williams, Lana Logan, Tcheanina Winchester, Tammy Kennedy

HOBBIES – Collecting rainbows, reading, running and skating (I failed to put how badly I sucked)

FAVORITE SONGS – Endless Love (Oh, Lionel!) and Physical (don’t judge)

FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS – Fart! Really?  Crap! I really doubt it!  Shut your trap!  Cram it!  and the ever-popular and oft-quoted, “Stick it up your rump!”

BOYFRIENDS (the plural was mine):  Bryan Bates, Kyle Turner, Doug Stinson, Tom Selleck (just a couple dates, I believe?) & Scott Berry – I must note that in the same scrapbook I found a note stating that Scott Berry was #1.

PET PEEVES:  Snobs (funny, because I’m sure many thought I was one), certain 5th graders (Yeah!) and repetition (It really blew me away that repetition bugged me back them because it’s probably the thing I can tolerate least currently.)

FAVORITE TV SHOWS:  Love, Sidney * Gimme A Break! * Magnum P.I. (after all, we were dating) * Search For Tomorrow (oh, Liza!  I loved you & your beautiful voice!  And your love affair with Travis!) * Different Strokes

Also funny, from this scrapbook, is that I have a list of imaginary phone #’s for people, EXCEPT “Eric Z’s” phone number appeared to be real.  Hmmmm….My prized possession from this year was my Izod sweater (snob!) that my mom got me. AND, bitch that I apparently was, during spelling bee practice, I kept a list of the words the rest of my team missed.  Or perhaps I was just so good I didn’t miss any.  LOL.

Probably pre-6th grade but as close as I could find