SOTU 2012

Flag in NOLA - 2012

Flag in NOLA - 2012

I never watch State of the Union addresses anymore, even in years I like our President.  And I don’t really *dislike* the current President.  I just don’t see that he’s bringing anything to the Oval Office that hasn’t been there before, in some capacity, except of course, the obvious.  And honestly, is he not one of the whitest black men in America?  Last night, I guess I was bored.  Or too lazy to get up and switch to a grisly crime show.  So I watched.  And boy, was I entertained.  In case you missed it, I’ll sum it up for you.

*  Hillary Clinton, paying homage to her favorite Junior League character in “The Help”, donned a 1960’s headband and flip-out do.  WTF?

*  John Boehner,  looking slightly less orange than usual, sat behind the President & appeared to be entranced throughout the speech with thoughts of Anderson Cooper’s behind.  Or something like that.  He did laugh once at Obama’s lame milk joke & the blush on his cheeks cracked & fell to the floor.

*  The President wants to pass a law to keep kids in school until they’re 18.  Because kids who want to drop out of school love restrictions, laws and rules being placed on them.  And always obey them.  Had Bush suggested this, The Daily Show would have had a heyday.  I, myself, thought it was the funniest part of his speech.  “Kids are dropping out of school?  We’ll put a stop to that!  Someone make a rule!”  LOLOL

* President Obama killed Osama bin Laden.  About 13 times.  The biggest revelation though was his admission that it was really HE who shot J.R. Ewing, that dastardly, millionaire oilman from Texas, ALMOST ridding the USA of even more evil!

* Men & women do NOT have the same health care coverage!?!?!  Which is going to be bitch this year when I decide to have a vasectomy.  Are you telling me they won’t pay for that?  What if I have prostate cancer?  (It’s sarcasm people.  Either laugh or go read some Michael Moore drivel.  If it’s not humorous, you do not belong here.  Thx. ;-))

* Joe Biden did so awesome sitting in his chair, keeping his mouth shut & only blowing his nose once, that his hot wife, Jill, is taking him to Chuck E Cheese tonight.  To wander around while she goes out for a drink with her buddies from the doctoral program.

*  And finally, and I’m being totally serious here, Gabrielle Giffords showed up to inspire us all.  Is that story not just amazing?

NOTE:  When I took the above photo in New Orleans, I didn’t even see that helicopter.  But I was editing it today & noticed it.  Decided it was kinda cool.  But it wasn’t intentional. 


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